Little Movers is a Mobile Play Gym designed for youth from 0 to 4 years of age. We set up a full blown obstacle course in your space of choice, that is guaranteed to get your little ones moving! Our soft play equipment makes the perfect playground for your tots to explore and gain strength. Our primary goal is to build the platform for gross motor skills like crawling, climbing, running, and jumping. The interaction with other children and enticing new scenery is bound to encourage your youngster to go home with a new skill. Little Movers is the perfect addition to any birthday party, family reunion, field trip, fair, festival, and anywhere you can find Little Movers!



 Our foundation

Little Movers is built on the physical and social dynamics needed for your little one to be successful in reaching milestones. Our stimulating set ups give your tot the motivation to explore our soft play area, discover new strengths, and take on new challenges. The soft play equipment is great for sensory and perfect for safe soft landings. Your toddler can work on those gross motor skills with new friends or buddies they have known from birth.


Our play gyms

Did you know babies can't fully see in color until 3-4 months? Color can attribute to learning and behavior development and our set ups take the cake in being visually stimulating. Babes can't get enough of exploring the ball pit, going through tunnels, climbing up, and sliding down. Look through our soft play set ups and choose the one the best suits your event's ages and skill sets.